Mikko Lehikoinen

Mikko Lehikoinen is a doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, examining the role of mother tongue instruction in the development of plurilingual agency and identity. The research relies on ethnographic data collected from Arabic mother tongue classrooms within the framework of the MIGDIA project, including interviews with students, teachers, and guardians, interpreted through discourse analytical and linguistic anthropological methods.

The core focus of the research is on how students perceive their own identity and agency. These themes are also examined in relation to the language ideological framework of instruction and the ways in which teachers and parents perceive the significance of mother tongue instruction and proficiency in Arabic.

Before embarking on his doctoral research, Mikko worked in various expert roles related to the Arabic language, the Middle East, refugee issues, and migration in both Finland and Scotland. Mikko holds master’s degrees in Arabic language and Middle Eastern studies and is a certified Arabic language translator.